Definitions for "CSP"
Custom Sim Profile - selectively hides phone menu options
Commerce Service Provider. Service providers that specialize in Web-enabled e-commerce services, as well as those offering specific software or outsourcing support for these services. [Go to source
Community Services Plan (formerly CSEP)
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Chip-Scale Packages
See Chip Scale Packaging
Chip Size Package
Comprehensive Studies Program
Commonwealth Supported Place. Commonwealth supported courses, which attract a student contribution fee, previously known as HECS. The student contribution is variable, depending on subjects chosen; see individual courses as well as the tables on the Study Costs page.
A system to help SAP employees to give comprehensive support to their clients.
Chemical sterilization process SVL Small volume parenterals (lyophilized)
Compounded Sterile Preparation. As defined in USP Chapter 797 as a dosage unit that 1.) is prepared according to manufacturer's labeled instructions; 2.) contain nonsterile ingredients or employ nonsterile components and devices that must be sterilized before administration; or 3.) is biologic, diagnostic, drug, nutrient, or pharmaceutical that possesses either of the two previous characteristics and which include, but are not limited to, baths and soaks for live organs and tissues, implants, inhalations, injections, powder fo
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Certified Sales Professional(empty)(empty) FRI Fellow of the Real Estate Institute GRI Only about 9 percent of all Realtors have earned the designation Graduate of the Realtor Institute. About 26 percent of RE/MAX Associates have completed this advanced course of study and earned their GRI. GAA General Accredited Appraiser(empty)(empty)(empty)(empty) LTG The Leadership Training Graduate designation recognizes members of the Women's Council of Realtors who have achieved a superior level of leadership expertise through education and experience.(empty)(empty)(empty)(empty)(empty) RM Residential Member SIOR Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
Council Shoulder Patch
Certified Speaking Professional
Cornwall Strategic Partnership
Community Safety Partnership (sub group)
Country Strategic Plan
(n.) Communicating sequential processes; an approach to parallelism in which anonymous processes communicate by sending messages through named point-to-point channels. CSP was coined by Hoare in 1985. All communication is synchronous in that the process that reaches the communication operation first is blocked until a complementary process reaches the same operation. See also guard.
Communicating Sequential Processes. a specification language and formal notation for describing concurrency behavior in systems.
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Colorado State Patrol
Combat Space Patrol.
Chief, Security Police
Critical Security Parameter. Routers running JUNOS-FIPS software have CSPs of cryptographic keys and passwords that must be protected at all times.
Conscious State Psi. Term used to refer to all types of psi that are experienced while awake.
Enterprises resembling utilities firms in functioning as server farms to host ASPs and eCommerce ventures.
A transformer that contains an internal breaker, an expulsion fuse and an arrester.
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Combined Staff Planners
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Concentrating solar power. Concentrating solar power plants collect the sun's energy through different mirror and lens configurations, converting the high-temperature heat or intense light collected into electricity. There are three different types of CSP systems: trough systems, power tower systems, and solar dish systems. Each system uses a different method for collecting solar energy.
Charter Schools Program (of the U.S. Department of Education)
Cross System Product. An IBM product for application generation.
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Country Strategy Paper
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Cost Skill Point
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Client Specific Planning