Definitions for "Application Specific Integrated Circuit"
(ASIC) Custom made Integrated Circuits for specific applications, some of our switchboxes are compact and use less power because they're built with an ASIC.
Any circuit or processor which is designed for a specific application. A CPU is not an ASIC because it is able to be programmed to multiple tasks. A DAC is an ASIC because it can only convert digital to analog signals, nothing more. ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange. All characters can be represented using a single byte of data. ASCII is a standard that governs the binary values used to represent various characters. E.G. 65 = A 66 = B 97 = a 98 = b 42 = * 91 = [ NB - Other standards exist such as EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code), but ASCII is the most commonly used.
As its full name implies, an ASIC is a custom microchip designed for a specific application. Of course, the chip doesn't reinvent the wheel: ASIC design involves taking common functions from a library and integrating them onto a circuit. [ CN01] FPGA