Definitions for "ADS"
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American Depositary Share. The share issued under an American Depositary Receipt agreement which is actually traded.
American Depositary Share. Represent the ADR and it is ADS that is actually traded. These two terms are often interchanged but technically it is the ADS that is traded. See also 'ADR' definition above.
see American Depositary Share
(androgen deprivation syndrome): a number of side effects associated with low levels of androgen associated with ADT - See PCRI Paper on ADS.
androgen deprivation syndrome. a number of side effects associated with elimination or blockage of androgens from ADT; see PCRI paper on ADS.
1. Arc Digitizing System. A simple digitizing and editing system used to add arcs and label points to a coverage. 2. A command at the Arc: prompt that starts an ADS session.
ctive irectory ervice: A directory service from Microsoft Corporation, similar in concept to Novell Netware Directory Services, that also integrates with the user organisation's DNS structure and is interoperable with LDAP. Active Directory is included in Windows 2000.
Archaeology Data Service – The ADS supports research, learning, and teaching in the area of archaeology with high quality and dependable digital resources. The ADS is based at the University of York and hosts AHDS Archaeology (
Air data system; also: Air defence sector
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Astronomical Data Service - NASA's database to find all published papers and recent preprints. Go to
Alternate Delivery Systems. Excluding broadcast signals and wired (coaxial or fiber), the alternate means by which TV signals are received, including satellite, microwave, small/large receiver dishes, etc.
Alumni Development System -- module for the SCT Plus system.
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Annotation DataSet
Annotation Data Set
Australian Development Scholarship (external link)
Australian Development Scholarships
Atmospheric Diving Suit
atmospheric diving system. A diving system capable of withstanding external pressures greater than atmospheric pressure, and in which the internal pressure remains at one atmosphere, and includes a one person submarine and a one atmosphere compartment of a diving submersible.
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Used as a synonym for 3rd Party Websites, whereas we usually speak about the hotel distribution via online travel agencies. (also see IDS)
An acronym for "After Dinner Speaking." This event is also known as STE. For a complete description of this and all other events, see our event descriptions.
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All-Digital Simulcast
Airworthiness Directives (Maintenance or Modification ordered by FAA)
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address strobe
affiliated person aftermarket
Alcohol Dependance Scale. Twenty-five item scale developed by the Addiction Research Foundation.
Automatic Dependent Surveillance
Autograph Document Signed (written and signed by same individual)
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Active Defense Shield
Active Defense System
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auto-dice server
Administratively dissolved An administrative action causing an entity's involuntary dissolution
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automated discharge summary
Paid notices promoting items available for sale or lease or candidates for office.
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Approved Destination Status
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Associate Director for Science
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Advanced Dressing Station
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advertising pages, most often at the rear of a book
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All day stretching devices.
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