Definitions for "Student Services"
The Blake Student Services is comprised of learning specialists and counselors. The learning specialist (one located in every building) work with students at all levels. Student academic support is progressive, offering different means and levels of support at each division level of the school. The learning specialists coordinate efforts and facilitate transitions for students between divisions. The learning specialists also provide education and training to faculty and staff in the area of learning differences, study strategies, classroom accommodations, and pedagogical strategies. There are four counselors one assigned to each division level. The counselors provide support and counseling to any students identified by parents, teachers, or self. Counselors also provide a larger role of educating staff and parents on issues of mental health, social skills, drug/alcohol use or abuse, effective parenting, and individual safety. Both counselors and learning specialists are available as needed.
Staff employed in units which provide support services to students. Includes health, counselling, employment services, etc.
Comprises of Advisory and Counselling Centre, Health Centre, Multi-Faith Centre and Pre-School Centre.
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A state program code (105) including expenses for activities whose primary purpose is to contribute to students' emotional and physical well-being and to their intellectual, cultural, and social development outside the context of formal instruction.
the university department that is responsible for maintaining all student records, admitting all students, maintaining the registration system, administering financial assistance, etc.
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