Definitions for "RSP "
Revenue Sharing Program
Resource Specialist Program. students receiving special education instruction for less than 50% of the school day are enrolled in the RSP; these students can be "pulled out" of the regular education classroom for special assistance during specific periods of the day or week and are taught by credentialed resource specialists;
Resource Specialist Program. The Resource Specailist Program provides instruction and services for those individuals with disabilities who are assigned to a general education classroom for the majority of the school day.
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abbrev.: Reality Signal Processor A chip in the N64, and a plugin in PJ64. Processes mainly audio and some graphics.
Route/Switch Processor. Processor module used in the Cisco 7500 series routers that integrates the functions of the RP and the SP. See also Cisco 7500, RP (Route Processor), and SP.
abrv. "Reality Signal Processor" (N64 hardware)
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Retirement Savings Plan. A retirement savings plan (RSP) is an investment account designed primarily for saving towards your retirement years. Your annual RSP contribution can greatly reduce the amount of income tax you pay in that year and the money you put away can have years of tax-deferred growth potential. You pay tax only on the amounts you withdraw.
Replacement Structure Plan. Contains strategic policies and key diagram for the whole county. The Essex and Southend-on-Sea Replacement Structure Plan, adopted in April 2001, is produced by the JSPAs. It is a 15-year land use planning strategy (1996-2011) and forms part of the statutory Development Plan within Essex.
Responsibility and Service Plan. A comprehensive plan for how best to meet the client's needs of health and self-sufficiency completed by the IDHS caseworker and client after a full assessment of the family and the family's situation.
Retail Service Provider. A securities house that provides competing quotes to stockbrokers for their retail customers.
Reservations Service Providers. An ARC travel service provider holding a numeric code registered with ARC, which has access to the airline inventories through the CRS, but does not issue airline tickets.
Retail Service Provider. An exchange member firm which is obliged to offer to buy and sell securities in which it is registered.
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Respite Care
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RSP is a retargetable language for writing web applications. A web application written in RSP can be compiled into either ASP, JSP or PHP code and then deployed to a web server.
reconnaissance and security positions
respirable suspended particulates, a measure of particulate atmospheric contamination
RSP is a cross-platform server monitoring and analysis software package that focuses on collaborative problem solving among IT team members. It has drop-in modules, incident tracking, hardware management, and powerful reporting features.
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Render safe procedure