Definitions for "Tsa"
Tax sheltered annuity. An individual retirement plan available to teachers and hospital employees through which earnings accumulate tax deferred and contributions are tax deductible – also known as a 403(b) or TSA.
Tax-sheltered annuities, which can also be referred to as tax-deferred annuities. This type of annuity is considered a qualified plan.
Tax Sheltered Annuity. See 403(b) plan.
TIMBER SUPPLY AREA. An area of forest land designated by the Minister of Forests of British Columbia and allocated an AAC from which non-area based timber tenures are granted.
Timber Supply Area. An area defined by an established pattern of wood flow from management units to the primary timber-using industries.
see total survey area.
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Transportation Safety Alliance
Technical Safeguard Agreement
Transportation Safety Administration s
Trans-Pacific Stabilization Agreement.
Theosophical Society br of America
Trailer Stability Assist
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(TSB) Tryptic soy agar (broth). Uses a pancreatic digest of casein and a papain digest of soybean meal.
elephony ervices rchitecture; the NMS model of managing telephony and media functionality in computer systems.
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ime tamp uthority IETF definition: "A TSA is a trusted Third Party who provides a 'proof-of-existence' for a particular datum prior to an instant in time".
TSA: Thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA). Used as part of a galvanic protection system. Vacuum impregnation Vacuum impregnation: The process of sealing a coating in the presence of a vacuum. Penetration of the sealant through the coating is improved by this method. Can be used as part of the sample preparation process or as a method of improving the performance of a coating on a sprayed component.
thickness strain analysis. The ultimate strength of a material, measured in pounds per square inch in tension on the original cross section tested, which, if exceeded, causes sectional deformation leading to ultimate rupture.” (Automotive Steel Partnership, 1991, p. 17).
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Thinking Skills Assessment; a test used in some science subjects and sometimes in Economics. See
Technology Student Association
Australia's key association for people involved or interested in telecommunications, facilitating an educated, competitive and growing industry built on Australian innovation and technology.
Texas Surveyors Association
Tourism Satellite Account - official calculation of the contribution of tourism to the New Zealand economy.
Total Security Architecture. A comprehensive, end-to-end architecture that protects the network.
A division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
tactical style allocation. shifting equity style exposure between large, mid, and small value as well as large, mid, and small growth stocks based on fundamental or technical analysis
Ticket and Settlement Agreement (the set of rules that guides what tickets can be developed and conditions applied to them)
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TSA is Polish rock/hard rock/heavy metal music band.
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TIme Slot Assignment