Definitions for "Org"
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miscillaneous org anizations
Org anization
(organizations, e.g., nonprofit group
In the Internet's Domain Name System, the top-level domain that identifies addresses operated by organizations that do not fit any of the other standard domains. For instance, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is neither a commercial, for-profit corporation (.com) nor an educational institution with enrolled students (.edu), so it has the Internet address The designation .org appears at the end of the address.
The domain that was originally used to represent miscellaneous groups such as non–profit groups that do not fit under any of the other domains. This domain can be registered by anyone.
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A common crossbreed of orc and ogre.
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organic (octanol) phase
(SCIENTOLOGY slang) an organization that delivers DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY training and processing.
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Origin Energy Limited
Original. Coin which was [usually] struck during year which appears on it.
Victorian Office of the Regulator General
Organized Creating a domestic entity and indicating that no filing has been made to terminate the entity
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Objective Review Group
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Organic Grant Program
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Organization, usually a client organization.
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Organisation, structures
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U.S. general organisations