Definitions for "SPI"
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Stitches per inch. The imperial measurement for density of stitches.
Stitches per inch. Number of yarn tufts per running inch along the length of the carpet (as opposed to the gauge which is the number of stitches across the width of the carpet).
amples er nch stored by the digital file. Used for scanners, and for optical resolution vs. interpolated resolution.
Smart Phone Interface. One of the telephone interconnect interfaces for the CentraCom consoles.
Smart Plug-Ins
A type of firewall architecture that inspects packets in detail as they pass through the firewall, allowing filtering decisions to be made dynamically and to be based on the established context of traffic in that network. SPI firewalls are the industry standard at this time and provide particularly strong protection from unwanted or malicious traffic. Back
Society of Plastics Industry (USA)
Sierra Pacific Industries
Sierra Pacific Industry. SPI is a timber company that owns millions of acres in the Sierra Nevada.
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Security Parameter Inde
See Scheduled Performance Indicator See Schedule Performance Index
Security parameters index. An unstructured opaque index that is used in conjunction with the destination address to identify a particular security association.
Spiral Arts, 2940 Westlake Avenue North, Suite #100, Seattle, Washington 98109 206-768-9765 fax:206-768-9766, [email protected] "over 30 varieties of blowpipes, counterweighted punties, and gathering irons" [GLASS Mag. Suppliers Directory] Seen in 2003 at GAS, following a new trend for (cheaper?) carbon steel tubing bodies with stainless ends. Brochure has very good graphics showing which steel where, including pipes with 5" of SS tubing near head. 310 SS heads.
An acronym, stands for Stellar Parliamentary Intelligence. The Stellar Parliament is the recognized cosmic governing body. The SPI is the intergalactic equivalent to the CIA and KGB of 20th Century Earth. It's agents are trained in all methods of espionage and defense.
Single Process Initiative. an initiative to consolidate or eliminate multiple management and manufacturing requirements across existing defense contracts on a facility-wide basis. Also referred to as Block Change.
Skim Perbankan Islam (Islamic Banking Scheme) established by Bank Negara Malaysia.
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Sony Pictures Imageworks
Technical analysis Tensile Strength Thermoforming
Security Profile Inspector
Secure Profile Inspector - A network monitoring tool for Unix, developed by the Department of Energy.
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Spot Market Spot Price Sprue
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Summit for Property Investment
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survey for pest incidence
Synthetic Portfolio Insurance
State Partnership Systems Change Initiative
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Sub-Protocol Identifier.
Software Process Improvement
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Special Program Indicator