Definitions for "fundamentals"
Any factor that could be considered important to the understanding of a particular...
Inherent factors of a company, including earnings, cash flow, balance sheet, and overall condition of the company's industry.
Basic financial and economic factors affecting the success of a company and the price of its stock. Fundamentals of a company would include factors such as earnings and revenue growth, price-earnings ratio, dividend yield and debt-to-equity ratio.
Keep the fun in fundamentals. Great concert pianists practice scales every day---but they understand why. Dog's don't know why they are subjected to endless, repetitive training in fronts, finishes and tiny pieces of heeling. You must provide the excitement, since this kind of practice is very de-motivating. Break it up into pieces, or get one good one, jackpot and move on.
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See chartist.
The basics, as of a business.
basic qualities or requirements Just try to remember the fundamentals of the subject - and my lesson, the teacher said. fundamentally (adj)
Name given to the 40 hr basic co-counselling training
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Stance, grip, stroke, bridge, follow through.
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Conditions that could affect the price movement of futures and options. This includes but is not limited to weather, supply & demand, government policy, and foreign policy.