Definitions for "internship"
The period of time during which a person is an intern; as, she served her internship over the summer.
A program to provide novices in a field with apprenticeship training.
The period of time during which a novice in a field serves in a subordinate capacity and continues to gain experience; the learning period before one becomes an expert.
a critical and required part of the curriculum
a good way to try a new job without making a permanent commitment
a highlight of this major -- and may free blow jobs be executive it jobs Compensation fastest growing home based businesses U
a course of study in which applicants receive part of their clinical training in a Board approved private practice setting in Delaware, or other Board approved setting, under the supervision of a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist
A one-year period of training immediately following medical school.
A carryover from past years, this term refers to the first year of Residency training. It is more common to simply refer to the first year as First Year Residency instead of Internship.
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a fun and exciting way to put your liberal arts skills into action
an excellent trial run for a potential future employee
an excellent way for you to gain an understanding of Barclays Capital
a period of professional placement as a worker within a media and communications organisation
a step into the professional world
a time for you to find out how environmental professionals work by working with an off campus environmental organization
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a launch pad that can give you the edge that wide-eyed youngsters fresh out of college lack
an adventure that could change your life, and your only limitation is your imagination
an eye-opener, which will bring realism to your dream
a pre-requisite for enrollment in the seminar
a fine experiential alternative to pursue, particularly if your school doesn't offer a co-op program or you can't take the time for a co-op assignment
a course jointly sponsored by SPNA and a public or nonprofit agency
a project usually concerned with real-life modelling problems and is carried out at the Faculty EEMCS
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a three quarter commitment
a two quarter commitment
a required part of the program
a requirement of the photojournalism program
a special feature of this program
a research technique for needs analysis that involves an extended immersion in the environment. A person takes on a particular work responsibility to provide a meaningful context for this research.
a full-time, paid position with an employer outside the University community
a full year program that begins in June each year and concludes the following June or at the termination of employment
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a win-win situation for everyone
a temporary period of time spending at working in an organization or company in a position related to the areas of Business, Communications, Education, Medicine, Arts and Humanities, etc
See Co-operative Education/Internship above.
a required activity of all undergraduates in the department
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a great place to use those qualities
a great way to find out if someone is a good fit for your firm
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a laboratory class
a requirement for the examination for licensing
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a required component