Definitions for "Seminar"
Seminar is an innovative application to "Teach and Learn Anywhere, Anytime". It is a three part system for the broadcasting and archival of seminars such as presentations, meetings and lectures.
A group of students engaged, under the guidance of an instructor, in original research in a particular line of study, and in the exposition of the results by theses, lectures, etc.; -- formerly called also seminary, now seldom used in this sense.
Small discussion groups, used in conjunction with large-group lectures.
a program, which can last from a few hours to a few days, designed to give attendees information on a particular topic, like making winning sales calls
A presentation by a subject matter expert. The seminar presenter also acts as a facilitator and resource person for attendees who participate in various instructional methods.
a place where you can learn in three hours what it takes a professor three months to teach
a workshop conducted with an intention of teaching the audience about a subject
A presentation of whatever length that is fairly one sided with the speaker giving most of the information and the audience sitting and receiving the message.
shortened form of "National Leadership Training Seminar." The name of this summer's program.
a company of developing scholars working under the leadership of an established scholar
Meeting or series meetings of specialists who have different skills but have specific common interest and have together for training or learning purposes. The work schedule of a seminar is aimed at enriching the skills of the participants.
any meeting for an exchange of ideas
a so called training event that you pay for in the hopes of learning something new
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an unweighted unit
A set of web pages and scripts used to maintain a list of seminars or other events. The software allows visitors to search the seminar listings and limit a search by dates. Users are allowed to register to recieve email notifications of upcoming events.
a full-day event in a classroom type environment
a great and affordable way to educate and offer advice to others or to advertise a product or event
a great forum to give your budding public speakers a place to hone their skills
a great way for you to add a unique extra dimension to your program of studies, e
a gathering of persons in trade or a profession for the purpose of research, study, and/or exchange of specialized information, ideas and attitudes in regard to that trade or profession
a group effort to understand past approaches to issues and to generate ideas that might improve on those approaches
a place to try out ideas, get suggestions, and hear what others are doing
a collaborative enterprise
a collective enterprise, which means that active participation in the group is not a luxury, but a requirement
a great vehicle to educate the participants on a series of financial concepts, however, by virtue of its nature and structure, it does not address the specific financial situation of the individual participant
an opportunity to express your opinion and to influence the views of others on a subject than can often be one of your own choosing
a way to get them to pay attention, so be sure to exploit this opportunity to get people to listen to you
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a way for you to contact many people all at once
a way to begin to impart information to those people so that they are not so taken back by 'No, its too formal' and 'No, its too Catholic, we don't want to do that'
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seminar; Bible college
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a good way to practice one's own English
a requirement of the English major, so it is pretty important that I get this done
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a clearly-defined package with a lot of structure so people see exactly what they are getting, and it's much easier to sell to managers
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a zone where thinking is not only allowed, it is mandatory
a trademark of Intelligent Resources
a source of intellectual stimulation, and the heart of our education
An educational session lasting from 30 minutes to several days.
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a conversation
a joint activity
a set of activities animated and organized by a director
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a small portion of the total cost to attend the program