Definitions for "School improvement"
According to the Michigan School Improvement Framework, school improvement is a collaborative process through which staff identifies strengths and weaknesses of the school program and uses that information as a basis for making positive changes in observable and measurable student outcomes.
Counseling: A School Improvement Tool
The purpose of the School Improvement is to improve the local school's total instructional program by assessing the skills and knowledge of students and by providing supplemental services that meet their needs. Each participating school has a state-mandated School Site Council (SSC) composed of the principal, staff, parents, and community members and, at the secondary level, students. The council is a decision-making body in (1) operating procedures and bylaws, (2) selecting and maintaining membership, (3) developing the school plan and budget for Board of Education approval, and (4) evaluating the annual progress of educational improvement under the school plan. The School Improvement Program receives funding from the state.