Definitions for "Title I"
the federally funded compensatory education program in the United States, intended to serve children of lower socioeconomic backgrounds who may be at risk of school failure, particularly in the elementary grades. Formerly Chapter I.
According to the Michigan Department of Education, Title I is the federal education program that provides funds to help schools and districts improve student achievement through additional instruction for students, professional development for school staff and activities to help parents support their children's education.
The largest federal education program, designed to raise academic achievement of students in low-income communities by providing money for remedial programs. Some schools use a schoolwide Title I model; amendments to federal law in 1994 tied the program to schoolwide and districtwide reforms based on challenging academic standards.
The part of the CARE Act that provides emergency assistance to localities (EMAs) disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic.
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An FHA-insured loan that allows a borrower to make non-luxury improvements (like renovations or repairs) to their home; Title I loans less than $7,500 donâ€(tm)t require a property lien.