Definitions for "Curriculum Map"
According to the Michigan School Improvement Framework, a curriculum map is a tool and a way of collecting data for aligning, pacing, and sequencing instruction and assessment in a classroom, grade level, content area, school, district, or all. Curriculum maps, which are calendar based, show what students are learning in classrooms. Curriculum maps can be used to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment of school or district curriculum and delineation of the instructional program within building or district. It includes learning objectives, essential content, resources, assessment tools, pacing guides, and process. CEN NEWS Teaching, Assessing Students With Disabilities The Institute on Communication Integration Addresses Parenting Teens and Young Adults With Disabilities Kids Count on Consistency Detroit Elementary School Teacher Named Michigan Teacher of the Year Robots Stand in for Bedridden Students—Technology Helps Connect Hospitalized Kids With Classmates more news
a calendar-based blueprint of the actual curriculum taught in a course, grade, department, or school
a graphic representation of how the courses in your curriculum interface with the Student Learning Outcomes for your program
a diagrammatical representation of the pathways through a degree
a diagrammatic or table overview of the curriculum