Definitions for "Designation"
a highly regarded and sought after requirement for many users of professional appraisal services
a highly respected professional certificate in the accounting and Business community
a lack of comprehensive understanding of all participants impacted by it
Identification of a bearing by letters and numbers, indicating, for example, the series, dimensional series or size code, bore diameter, bearing design and information such as Corrotect® plating or length of guideways.
The use of letters and numbers to identify a bearing. The designation indicates the bearing series, dimensional series or size code, bore diameter, bearing design as well as the use of Corrotect? plating or the length of guideways.
a business credential like no other
a credential recognized throughout the world as signifying the highest achievement in the investment profession
a highly respected credential that requires a lot of hard work and preparation to achieve
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Abbreviation used to indicate characteristics of the coin or the strike. Examples are: BN: Brown copper coinage DMPL: Deep Mirror Proof Like MS: Mint State, used for circulation coins MSFB: Mint State Full Bands MSFH: Mint State Full Head MSRB: Mint State Red Brown copper coinage MSRD: Red copper coinage PL: Proof like PR: Proof PRBM: Proof Brown copper coinage PRCA: Proof Cameo PRDC: Proof Deep Cameo PRRB: Proof Red Brown copper coinage PRRD: Proof Red copper coinage MSSF: Mint State Satin Finish
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a popular way for firms to establish street cred with investors
Act of making a type fixation, e.g., type designated by Bleeker 1864. We also sometimes say "selected" or "established." original. Designation of a type of a nominal taxon when the taxon was established. subsequent. Designation of a type subsequent to the date at which the taxon was established.
Use or application; import; intention; signification, as of a word or phrase.
Words printed at the bottom or top of a form instructing the user about what to do with the parts of the form. These words are often printed in red ink.
The knowing- naming phase of fact. To be viewed always transactionally as behavior. The word " name" as a naming may advantageously be substituted wherever one can safely expect to hold it to behavioral understanding. Extends over three levels: cue, characterization, and specification.
a Duchas function within the Department of Arts, Culture, Gaeltacht and the Islands
A world in an empire may be designated to produce a specific resource according to the wishes of the emperor or empress. The type of the world is changed by the World/Designate command.
Selection and appointment for a purpose; allotment; direction.
the act of putting a person into a non-elective position; "the appointment had to be approved by the whole committee"
a document in which the custodial parent with a disability appoints the person of his or her choice to be the standby guardian
formal recognition of hospitals as providers of specialized services to meet the needs of the severely injured patient; usually involves a contractual relationship and is based on adherence to standards.
The formal notification of action taken to exercise powers conferred by legislation.
When you make a designation, you make a formal choice about something and tell the court in writing about your choice. For example, when you designate your expert witnesses, you tell the court what experts are going to testify for you in your trial. If you designate an expert, you will be allowed to have that person testify at trial, but you don't have to call the expert to testify if you change your mind. On the other hand, if you don't designate an expert, and you allow the deadline to pass, you will not be allowed to use that expert as a witness for you in the trial.
Legal protection through passage of a bylaw (local or regional government) or Order in Council (provincial). Designation offers long term protection and allows regulation and control of alterations and demolition.
a good way for employers to ensure that a garnishment summons will not be overlooked
a calling card of credibility that is always with you
a very marketable one, especially combined with the experience you will gain at KMSS
a significant achievement and one in which our members take pride
a significant qualification for people engaged in the financial and investment sector and has become a prerequisite for advancement at many firms
a ground attack plane, used typically for "close air support" -- dropping bombs on the heads on the other sides's ground combatants, close-in to your own side's ground combatants, with an controller directing the airstrike
For facing brick that controls tolerance, chippage, and distortion. (See Brick Type)
The official name of the motor as specified by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers (notable HyperTek) use a designation that is very different from the Common Name and not very useful for searching.
a considerable step backwards with no apparent benefit
Gift designation, identifies the fund or program the gift is to benefit.
Where an account is shown to be for the benefit of of someone else i.e. on behalf of a child or a designated nominee account.
a means of setting ourselves apart from the average IT Auditor
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a mouthful, but enables California owners, for example, to use the carpool lane even with only one person in the car
identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others
the act of designating or identifying something
a mechanism that enables the management of existing infrastructure and identifies future land requirements to be signalled in a district plan
If a province or territory creates its own guidelines and they are different from the federal guidelines, the Divorce Act allows the federal government to “designate” that province or territory. This means that the province's or territory's guidelines apply in place of the federal guidelines when both parents live in that province or territory, whether they divorce or separate.
That which designates; a distinguishing mark or name; distinctive title; appellation.
a short identifier, usually a few letters long that marks the shares on our records as a separate account within the same shareholding
The act of designating; a pointing out or showing; indication.
an indication made by an applicant, in the Request for an International Application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, as to the Contracting States in which protection for an invention is desired
a structured name basically made of an acronym and a numbering which are both strings of alphanumeric characters
a universal supplement to anyone who works with seniors
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Operational phase of a fire-control or track radar during which the radar is directed to the general direction of a desired target.
a provision made in a plan to give effect to a requirement made by a requiring authority
The portion of an order allocated to an underwriter by an investor through the manager of the offering.
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See descriptive term.
Name, Description or Title.
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a strong plus
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a simple process