Definitions for "CFA"
Chartered Financial Analyst. An individual who has passed tests in economics,...
Chartered Financial Analyst. An investment professional that has met competency standards in economics, securities, portfolio management, and financial accounting as determined by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.
Chartered Financial Analyst. A designation for investment professionals signifying the completion of three levels of examinations.
the Cat Fanciers' Association, the main registration body for cats in the United States.
Cat Fancier's Association. Founded in 1906, the CFA recognizes 33 breeds for championship status and is the largest registry in the world of pedigreed cats.
Chinese Football Association
Cercle France Afrique (France)
Communauté Financière Africaine
Communaute Financiere Africaine franc
Comunidad Financiera Africana
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Color Filter Array A special multiple filter array that creates a linear or mosaic of color patterns over each pixel in a CCD that allows only one color to pass (red, green, or blue) through individual pixel elements. The CFA makes possible three color imaging with only 1 imager.
Color filter array. A set of optical pixel filters used in single-chip color CCD cameras to produce the color components of a video signal.
(Color Filter Array) The filter dyes placed directly over each pixel on the chip surface.
Center for Astrophysics (Harvard Smithsonian)
Crown Funding Agreement
Ceasefire Agreement
Conditional fee agreement. A "no-win-no-fee" agreement, as it is popularly called, is one by which a solicitor agrees that he will be paid for handling a case only if the client wins.
See Carrier Facility Assignment
Connecting Facility Assignment - When a telecommunications carrier orders services from another carrier they may either give or ask for CFA from the carrier. CFA is the specific physical facility assignment where our circuits will cross connect to each other.
Long Distance Carriers must give Local Access Carriers (TelePacific) "CFA", which are directions about where specifically on our interconnecting equipment to physically put the circuit.
Centre de Formation d'Apprentis (Apprentice training centre)
Cross Field Allowance. An element (up to 10%) of immediate relief for qualifying field development costs where a participator on a new taxable development has, or expects to have, PRT profits in another taxable field.
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letter code for fully automatic Passat (1992-93)
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Fine Arts ( Central Library, fourth floor)
Fine Arts (4th) 010401
College of Fine Arts
Candidate Fitness Assessment
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COIN FREE ACCESS. Coin free dialing or no coin dial tone which enables a caller to dial 9-1-1 or "0" for the Operator on pay telephones without depositing money.
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Consumer Federation of America
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Commercial Forest Act
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Country Fire Authority
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call forward area
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Covering force area