Definitions for "ACA"
airspace control authority
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Airlift Clearance Authority
Anisotropic Adhesive Connection
anisotropic conductive adhesive. An adhesive material that will conduct current only through its thickness (the so-called ‘Z-axis’). Usually made by filling a resin matrix with long, thin particles aligned with the Z-axis. Useful for making connections between circuit patterns on opposing substrates without shorting out adjacent pads. (Also called Z-axis adhesive.) Contrast isotropic conductive adhesive.
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Architectural Cladding Association is the trade association for the major precast concrete cladding manufacturers. ACA is a member of BPCF, British Precast Concrete Federation.
Associate Chartered Accountant, the qualification awarded by the ICAEW (see below) upon completion under training contract of their examination and approved work experience programme.
American Correctional Association
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The Automatic Calibration Analysis (ACA) is designed as an automatic process within the ISDC ScW Pipeline to simplify routine calibrations.
A surcharge as permitted by Section 154.38 (d) (6) of the FERC's Regulations to permit interstate pipeline companies to recover from its shippers all Total Annual Charges assessed it by the FERC under Part 382 of the FERC's Regulations.
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anticentromere antibodies
See Anticardiolipin Antibodies.
Anti-cardiolipin Antibodies
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Automatic Circuit Assurance. Assists the customer in identifying possible trunk malfunctions. The PBX maintains a record of the performance of individual trunks relative to short hold time (SHT) and long hold time (LHT) calls. A significant increase in the number of short calls or a single long call can indicate a trunk failure. When a possible failure is detected, a referral call is initiated to the attendant.
Assurance and control assessment
Agency of Cultural Affairs (Japan)
Army Contracting Agency
The Agency for Cultural Affairs, a Japanese governmental organization, supervised by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, which is responsible for copyright legislation. See
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Amputee Coalition of America span
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AUSTRAC Certified Agreement
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Designation for synthetic tapes, felted asbestos wire with glazed cotton or glass braid overall, 1000V, 90_C.
Assembly Constitutional Amendment
Aspect Camera Assembly
Abbreviation for: Arctic Control Area Fr: ACA
Application Continuity Appliance
National motoring organization (pronounced A-ka)