Definitions for "Constitutional"
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For the benefit or one's constitution or health; as, a constitutional walk.
A walk or other exercise taken for one's health or constitution.
a regular walk taken as a form of exercise
Belonging to, or inherent in, the constitution, or in the structure of body or mind; as, a constitutional infirmity; constitutional ardor or dullness.
This is a term used when a medical condition is thought not to be due to an occupational factor but due to some physical or physiological characteristic specific to the person concerned which makes them more vulnerable than normal to a precipitating factor. This may indeed be true, as a group of workers exposed to the same adverse working conditions may respond in quite different ways, reflecting the inherent variability of mankind. Alternatively, a constitutional factor may bring about a more exacerbated response to an occupational situation. On the other hand the phrase 'constitutional' may be used when the medical practitioner is inexperienced or prejudiced.
Deriving from basic hereditary strengths and weaknesses, and including early environmental factors.
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Liposome Sporadic
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Methotrexate Serum
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Lubrication Symptomatic
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Mammary Spectrum
a long stroll done for general enjoyment and to maintain one's vigor
Regulated by, dependent on, or secured by, a constitution; as, constitutional government; constitutional rights.
Relating to a constitution, or establishment form of government; as, a constitutional risis.
sanctioned by or consistent with or operating under a constitution; "the constitutional right of free speech"; "constitutional government"; "constitutional guarantees"
existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; "the Ptolemaic system with its built-in concept of periodicity"; "a constitutional inability to tell the truth"
proper or valid under the Constitution. See also unconstitutional.
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Present in the fertilized gamete.
In accordance with, or authorized by, the constitution of a state or a society; as, constitutional reforms.
according to the Constitution
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not local; affecting the whole body. Constitutional symptoms of HIV disease include fever and night sweats.
Means that a law follows or is in line with the Constitution.
Not conflicting with any provision of the constitution or fundamental law of the state.
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of or relating to a constitution; "constitutional amendments"
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Mineralization Staging
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Referring to a constitution, something is constitutional if it agrees with the constitution.