Definitions for "Supportive Care"
Treatment given to improve the patient's comfort and quality of life by preventing, controlling or relieving complications and side effects.
Treatment given to alleviate the symptoms caused by cancer or treatment.
Treatment provided after the patient has reached maximum medical/chiropractic improvement and has not reached a full recovery; treatment given to diminish permanent or chronic symptomatology when a full recovery is not possible; treatment provided to alleviate the symptomatology of a known anatomic deficit. References: 1. Fromeyer J. Back Pain and Sciatica. N Engl J Med., 318:291-300, 1988 2. Magee D. Orthopedic Physical Assessment. WB Saunders, Philadelphia, 1992. 3. Mayer T, Gatchel R. Functional restoration for spinal disorders: a sports medicine approach. Leee & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1988. 4. American Medical Association. Guides to the evaluation of permanent impairment, 4th ed. AMA, Chicago, 1993. Return to the Wisconsin Guidelines