Definitions for "ACC"
Access Control Certificate
analog control channel
Adjacent Control Channel. In SmartZone and OmniLink systems, subscriber units will maintain a list of the Control Channels of the sites (up to seven) adjacent to the site it is operating in. The subscriber unit receives this information from the OSWs sent out on the control channel of the site it is operating in. These OSWs also indicate the alternate Control Channels at the broadcasting site.
Arab Cooperation Council
Association of County Councils
Asian Cricket Council
See Alphacyanoacrylate
MR] Alphacyanoacrylate, Super glue, also called "CA". A high-strength adhesive that can be used on metal and styrene plastic.
short for alphacyanoacrylate cement, a one-part liquid adhesive. One familiar brand is "Super Glue."
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Autodefensas Campesinas de Colombia, Peasant Self-Defense Groups of Colombia, a paramilitary organization.
Australians Caring for Children
Ascom Call Center
Ambulatory Care Center
Accredited Clinical Coder
Administrative Committee on Coordination
Agency Coordination Committee
a command that is the primary provider of air combat weapon systems to the United States Air Force; operates fighter and bomber and reconnaissance and and battle-management and rescue aircraft
Air Combat Command
America s Cup Class
American Cribbage Congress. Sanctioning body for organized cribbage in North America and on the Internet
American College of Cardiology
Accident Compensation and Insurance Corporation
Accident Compensation Commission
Accident Compensation Corporation. The ACC is a Crown entity administering New Zealand's accident compensation scheme. This scheme provides insurance cover to New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors for work- and non-work-related personal injuries. The scheme includes weekly earnings compensation, case management, health and disability support services, and injury prevention programmes.
Abbreviation for Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
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Explosive Limit Neurotoxin
Available Chlorine Content. The amount of chlorine, both free and combined in the pool water that is available to sanitize or disinfect the water. Sometimes called residual chlorine. To go back to the top of this page click here ack-flow: The backing up of water through a pipe in the direction opposite to normal flow.
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Alameda Corridor Charge.
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Assistant Chief Constable.
Local express association in Chile: Asociación de Couriers de Chile
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Austin Community College
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INTE Identifier of an access i.e. index or selector.
Arabian Construction Company
Abreviation for accuracy. The higher this percentage figure the more likely that it reflects the animals true worth.
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Active Citizenship Campaign
annual contributions contract. A contract under which HUD makes payments to public housing agencies to cover debt service payments on public housing projects or to provide rent subsidies and administrative costs under the Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program.
See Non-Graded Standings, transcript legend.
Advance Against Exchange contracts are granted to companies prior to shipment, that is, from the time an exchange contract is entered into until the arrival of the export documents. An ACC is settled when the shipping documents are delivered against a letter of credit or other form of payment document. If settlement does not occur the transaction is transformed into an ACE.
assessment of current competency. (See recognition of prior learning)
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Accident Access (Road)
ACC is a hierarchy of complexity classes used in circuit complexity. Like the AC and NC classes, ACC is actually an infinite hierarchy of classes ACC^i.
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