Definitions for "HUD"
Department of Housing and Urban Development. Federal agency responsible for encouraging housing development.
Housing and Urban Development - Acronym/Phrase Description
Department of Housing and Urban Development. Provides construction and long-term capital to LTC's, Section 8 properties, etc. Second largest capital source for senior housing after commercial banks.
Heads Up Display - where flight control and navigation information is projected onto a glass panel or onto the windscreen directly in the pilots' line of forward vision
An abbreviation for head up display, the projection of readings from instruments onto a screen, enabling the user to see them without looking down.
Heads up display - often used to describe the information displayed onscreen during the game - such as your health, score, time remaining in the game, etc.
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A prophet sent to the tribe of 'Ad. He was descended from Noah and is referred to in the Qur'an in surih 7:63-70; surih 11:52-63; and in surih 26:123-139.
Sura Hud (Arabic سورة هود) is the 11th chapter of the Qur'an with 123 verses. It is a Makkan sura.
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A huck or hull, as of a nut.
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Humanitarian Use Device
Hospital Unit Dose packages intended for use by in-patient hospital pharmacies.
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home equity hedge wrapper
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HUD-1 Settlement Statement
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income property interest-only strip