Definitions for "Refresh"
Pages that display odds are automatically refreshed every 5 minutes to keep you up to date. Odds are constantly updated and if the displayed odds have changed when making a purchase you will be notified of the updated prices.
A browser command which refreshes the page being displayed.
To clear or update your desktop space.
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In the computer memory, dynamic RAM, in order to maintain the stored information, must have each of its memory locations addressed periodically. This process is called memory refresh.
In a monitor, to recharge the phosphors on the inside of the screen and maintain the image. In certain memory systems, dynamic RAM must be recharged so that it continues to hold its contents.
refresh one's memory; "I reviewed the material before the test"
To make fresh again; to restore strength, spirit, animation, or the like, to; to relieve from fatigue or depression; to reinvigorate; to enliven anew; to reanimate; as, sleep refreshes the body and the mind.
To make as if new; to repair; to restore.
To cool hot food quickly either under running water or by dipping in ice cold water to stop the cooking.
in case of monitors, it shows the time needed to display an image. The refresh is measured in hertz: if the refresh frequency is of 60 hz, the image is completed on the monitor in 1/60 second. A low refresh frequency (up to 75 hz) is stressing for our eyes, as we can see the creation of an image and we see it trembling.
To redisplay information on a display device. CRT displays, for example, refresh the image many times per second to achieve the appearance of constancy.
Icon located under Redisplay in the I-DEAS-wide section of icons. It refreshes the screen.
A process in which all of the data of interest in a user table is copied to the target table, replacing existing data.
To copy data to other storage media.
To copy the contents of an unopened file from the depot into the client workspace.
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To renew or revitalize.
The refresh is the installation of a new workstation for faculty/staff to replace their existing (older) rollout workstation.
IBMspeak for a release of software which incorporates corrective maintenance and other fixes needed since the previous release.
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The Refresh Element
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The act of refreshing.
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See Object refresh time