Definitions for "Screen capture"
The process of capturing the image or text on a monitor screen and saving it as a graphic image.
A method of "capturing" a snapshot of your computer screen. Pressing the "Print Scrn" key on your keyboard will place an image of your computer screen in memory. Pasting (Ctrl V) that image into any graphics program will permit you to crop and edit that scene.
A tool which allows you to select an area of your display to be copied (captured) and then displayed in PaintShop as a new image. It is useful for demonstrating what a document would look like in it's program environment such as for tutorials and advertisements.
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screen saver screen scraping
An XML representation of a host screen, used to create or customize a screen customization or transformation.
A part of your communications software that opens a file on your computer and saves to it whatever scrolls past on the screen while connected to a host system.
An example of how the user interface of the system will appear upon completion. It is a non-functional model but provides an early platform for discussion with the client.