Definitions for "frames"
Some web pages are actually composed of two or three individual web pages, arranged in 'frames'. You might often come across a 'navigation frame', providing links to key areas of a site, that will remain on screen as you browse the site of which it is a part. Some apparently framed sites actually create the impression by using tables instead of frames.
Frames are like separate panes within a normal Windows window. A master frames page contains the layout information for two or more HTML pages that are displayed as if they were a single page.
A type of Web page the is divided into several separate areas such as navigation and viewable/text that can be independently scrolled, but viewed simultaneously.
are ideological viewpoints (mind sets) that become translated into advertising, speeches to shareholders, the training of leaders and workers, and inform the strategic plans (plots) of the firm. Boje (2001a) and Gardner (2002) have theorized and studied the multiplicity of frames (what they call the hybridity of frames) in complex organizations.
Woods used for the frames of upholstered pieces like sofas and chairs. Frame woods must be strong, able to resist shocks, and not twist, warp, swell or shrink. Ash, birch, oak, gumwood and poplar are among the most popular.
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Video consists of a number of still image frames which, when they play back over time, give the illusion of motion. NTSC video plays back 29.97 frames per second, and PAL video plays back 25 frames per second. Each broadcast video frame is made up of two fields. This is different from the way film handles frames. A film frame is a single photographic image, and does not have separate fields.
A moving TV picture is made from individual still frames. Current NTSC provides (60 Fields or) 30 Frames per second. At 24-30 frames per second, the human mind perceives the images as fluid motion.
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The part of the loom that holds the spools of yarn. Every frame in a loom holds a different color of yarn. An eight-frame loom weaves an eight color rug.
Racks at the back of a Jacquard loom, each holding a different color of pile yarn. In Wilton carpets, two to six frames may be used and the number is a measure of quality as well as an indication of the number of colors in the pattern, unless some of the yarns are buried in the backing.
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The removable wooden structures, which are placed in the hive. The bees build their comb within these frames. The removable quality allows the beekeeper to easily inspect the colony.
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the curved ribs of a ship.
The "ribs" of a vessel. The word comes from the Old Italian fram, meaning "frame."
Ribs that form the shape of the hull.
scripts ( Obermeier, 1989)- a way of representing knowledge as chunks of information, which are actually data structures that represent stereotypical situations.
"frames" is a webapp photoblog system written in java
Framework for Risk Analysis in Multimedia Environmental Systems; software system developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which forms base for FRAMES-HWIR Technology Software System.
impart meaning to a given set of circumstances, events or behaviour. Once the frame has been established, the meaning can be defined. As if frame - The process of acting "AS IF" you are what you want to be. Eg acting happy when you feel sad. Discovery frame - The action of suspending expectation, judgement and desire in order to create a mental framework in which to discover and learn.
Not accessible via readers, use the noframes element and meaningful titles.
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Parts FRC Abbreviations , Ships
the basic foundation on which the locomotive is constructed.
A decorative element which surrounds a photo or item. Typically made of wood, paper, or metal. They help emphasize what is being framed.
The individual video images that make up a moving sequence. Video formats and individual clips are typically described in terms of the resolution of the individual frames, and the frame rate at which they are played. See also frame rate, field.
Individual photos on a film negative strip.
A mechanism of knowledge representation.
Frames are ways of defining a problem. Some people may define a problem in terms of rights, while others may define it in terms of interests or relative power. These different positions are sometimes referred to as different "frames."
Unit of measurement for audio data. Each individual "frame" equals 1/75th of a second of information.