Definitions for "WILTON"
Keywords:  loom, jacquard, brussels, pile, carpet
Rug Machine-loomed carpets with limited color palettes. Modern Wilton rugs were the first type to be made on a computerized machine. Wilton cross-weaving offers great flexibility in color placement and design.
a carpet woven on a Jacquard loom with loops like a Brussels carpet but having the loops cut to form a close velvety pile
A cut pile carpet. Now associated with a particular quality.
Paul Wilton, Wilton Technologies, 2932 Via Loma Vista, Escondido, CA 92029 [email protected] or call at 1-800-928-7637 or call locally in Escondido (San Diego) at 760-745-5956 fax 760-745-1944 Wilton Technologies: Ceramic Burner Nozzles: Furnaces & Glory Holes
The Wilton Metro-North Railroad station serves residents of Wilton, Connecticut via the Danbury Branch of the New Haven Line.