Definitions for "Letterbox"
Another term for a widescreen DVD. A letterbox movie fills the entire screen of a widescreen HDTV. When you watch a letterbox movie on a regular TV screen, black bars are visible above and below the picture.
Because some images, such as wide-screen movies, do not fill a TV screen, black bars are placed above and below the image to fill the unused space. This allows to movie to be shown in its native aspect rather than being adjusted to fit the screen. When bars are placed to the left and right sides of an image it is called windowbox.
Black bars across the top and bottom of a 4:3 TV screen, so that the image appears in a 16:9 ("Widescreen") aspect ratio.
This is generally a type of cache that does not have a stash of knickknacks, but sometimes a stamp and ink pad instead. Cachers bring a notebook and use the letterbox's stamp to validate their find. Cachers also often have their own stamp and likewise stamp the letterbox's logbook. See
a plastic, screw-top bottle that contains a small notebook and a unique rubber stamp
(ing) Letterboxing is similar to Geocaching, but you use a series of clues to find a container. Once you find the container (or letterbox), you take a carved stamp from the box and stamp your personal logbook. You then take your carved stamp and stamp the letterbox's log book. See Letterboxing North America for more info.
Most houses in Britain have a letter slot or letterbox in the front door rather than a mailbox at the gate.
Letterbox is the same as mailbox.
mailbox (receptacle);
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Letterbox is the full length debut album by Brandtson originally released in 1997 on Steadfast Records and re-released a year later by Deep Elm Records.
a sizeable hole in the exterior of your property and if the flap does not close properly you will soon notice the resulting draught
a watertight container that someone plants somewhere, and then gives directions on the Internet on how to find it
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a plastic box or bottle
a small box located in a specific place