Definitions for "CSC"
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crossing-site commander
California Service Center
Computer Security Center
n. A "Computer Sabotage Consultant". A tactful form of address for a netrunner. See Deckjockey.
Class ygtb b Computer Sciences Corp
Community Services Card
Common short codes, five digit numbers that can be leased by content providers, aggregators, media companies, and other organizations to interact with mobile subscribers through text messaging.
CSC is the abbreviation for common short code.
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Colaba Sailing Club
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combat stress control
CMS Site Controller.
Coolant Spark Control (Ford)
(Circuit switched cellular) 2,400bps - 14,400bps analog system designed for voice communication, but with cellular phone and cellular modem gets improved data transmission.
Circuit Supervision Control
Circuit Switched Cellular, good for large data transfers, offers wide coverage.
Customer Service Centre
Christian Synergy Centre
Plastic Inflatable domes; Index/Dome/Manufacturer/C/ St Peter MN "
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Care Sector Consortium
Clinical Standards Committee
Community Steering Committee
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Certificate Status Check
Master, Small Craft (certificate)
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Council org Canada Safety Council
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Criminal Sexual Conduct
Central Security Control
Canadian Securities Course.
California species of concern/species of special concern
International Convention for Safe Containers Up to Top