Definitions for "Service Coordinator"
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The person responsible for coordinating services and information from the members of a multi-disciplinary team. Also called a case manager.
Coordinates all services and serves as a point of contact in helping parents/families to obtain services and assistance they need.(infant and children, with disabilities, working/services)
A service coordinator(also called a case manager) is an experienced professional, such as a social worker or nurse, who works with clients and providers of services to coordinate the services for the client. For families who have a child with a disability, case managers should provide the family with the resources and support that the family needs to ensure that their child with a disability receives the services that are essential to their well-being.
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a social service staff person hired or contracted by the development's owner or management company
An advocate chosen by the consumer to assist in assessing health and social service systems and to assure that all required services are obtained.
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see Case Manager