Definitions for "FSM"
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finite state machines
Finite State Machine. H - I - J - K
See Flats Sorting Machine. (machine à trier les grands objets plats – MTGOP)
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Normally used in Scientology to mean "Field Staff Member"; when used in the context of Guardian's Office operations and programmes, it is used as a euphemism for "covert agent".
Field Strength Meter. Originally used to measure signal level in microvolts at the terminals of an antenna. Cable systems now use Signal Level Meters (SLM) for level measurements. See also Signal Level Meter.
Fast Steering Mirror. Used for fine phase tilt adjustments in the track and AO loops.
Flight Services Manager (formerly known as IFS) [Submitted by BAZZ
Field Service Management. Field Service Management is the process of managing mobile resources to improve the performance of tasks in the field. FSM includes scheduling, dispatching and Intelligent Appointing, as reflected in the @Road Taskforce solution.
Flight Schedule Monitor. A tool used by Air Traffic Management Specialists to monitor air traffic demand at airports.
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Feature Set Matching, sample software by Graham Klyne
Fold, Staple, Mutilate - The name many local groups use to refer to their monthly newsletter collating party.
Free School Meals.
Free Speech movement. The first student protest of the 1960s came at the University of California, Berkeley in 1964. There, veterans of the civil rights movement staged sit-ins to protest university policies that restricted political advocacy on the campus.
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Forum Social Mondial
Financial Summary Measure. Based on factors related to financial service usage and profile, which is designed to complement LSMs in financial services.