Definitions for "Cams"
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Eccentric shaped lobes on an engine's camshaft used to open and Close valves in the proper sequence.
Eccentric shafts used in most internal combustion engines to open and close valves.
Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist, USMA certification of an individual's knowledge of SI and ability to use SI in engineering/scientific/technical areas. See also CMS, LCAMS, LCMS.
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They are the wheels at each end of your bow limbs. They come in four main types. Hard, Medium, Soft, and Single.
"Pulleys" located at the end of the limbs of compound bows. They vary in shape and size, but all have a common function. Which is to store energy and produce a let-off. NOTE: That some cams store more energy than others depending on their design. Cast The distance a bow can propel an arrow.
Contract and Management Services
Commerce Administrative Management System
Client Account Management System. The system used for billing purposes that is delivered through Common Services.
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an easy upgrade, if you can find them
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Cambridge Applied Medical Statistics