Definitions for "VSC"
Vertebral Subluxation Complex. This term is used by the Chiropractic profession in order to label an abnormal curvature of the spine. It is a misnomer, and should be thrown out altogether. The term that should be in use is dyskinesia. NOTE: The reason for the change in terminology is to take the focus off of a supposed cause. FACT: The vertebrae do not rest upon each other directly, instead there is a soft cushion of tissue called the intervertebral disc that acts as a shock absorber and allows for a discrepancy in the alignment of the spine. Our philosophy emphasizes the proper force necessary to correct the true subluxations first, then, and only then to encourage a broader range of movement in the spinal column in order to facilitate rehabilitation. See Contract.
Vertibral subluxation complex. See subluxation.
Vertebral Subluxation Complex. A misalignment of a vertebra in the spine causing nerve interference, and five components: Spinal Kinesiopathology - Abnormal spinal movement Neuropathophysiology - Abnormal nerve function Myopathology - Abnormal muscle function Histopathology - Abnormal cellular changes Pathophysiology - Spinal and systemic degeneration and disorders
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virtual switch controller—one of various Cisco machines capable of providing SS7 signaling conversion, and able to control gateways by means of MGCP; referred to as the SC in this document
Vehicle Stability Control, a safety feature that automatically engages side-specific braking for you when it detects the vehicle wheels slip; stepping on the brake is not necessary for the feature to work.
Virtual Switch Controller. A collection of VSC hosts which collectively provide distributed Call Control (CC) and Media Gateway Control (MGC) services in the Virtual Switch.
Voluntary Surgical Contraception. Female and Male sterilization (also known as tubectomy, tubal occlusion or tubal ligation and vasectomy) are among the most effective contraceptive methods available for men and women who desire no more children and are associated with low mortality and complication rates. The sterilization procedure blocks either the sperm ducts (the vasa deferentia) or the oviducts (fallopian or uterine tubes) to prevent the sperm and ovum from uniting.
Voluntary Service Co-ordinator
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Vermont Service Center
The Video Standards Council, established in 1989 as a non-profit making body to develop and administer a Code of Practice designed to promote high standards within the video industry and, from 1993, the computer games Industry.