Definitions for "Mobile equipment"
Included for coverage under the commercial general liability form, this term relates to land vehicles used in ways that take them out of an explicit "automobile liability" exposure (e.g., vehicles used only on the insured premises, to carry certain permanently attached equipment, that are not required to be registered, or are designed for solely for off-road use).
A term defined in General Liability policies as land vehicles, including machinery and apparatus attached thereto, whether or not self-propelled, and (1) not subject to motor vehicle registration, or (2) used exclusively on the insured's premises, or (3) designed principally for use off public roads, or (4) designed or maintained for the sole purpose of providing mobility for permanently attached equipment such as cranes, loaders, pumps, generators, or welding equipment.
The term used to refer to a handset. A mobile station is comprised of the mobile equipment and a subscriber identity module (SIM).