Definitions for "Kong"
Keywords:  peanut, stuff, toy, butter, goodies
a bee-hive shaped toy that has a large hole in one end where you can put loose pieces of treats, stuff it, then seal it shut with cream cheese or peanut butter
a great toy- fill it with peanut butter and it'll keep her busy for a while
a hard rubber thing with a hole at one end, and it is a real pain to get the goodies out of the thing
a monkey with a jump so it would be best to learn that first
Kong is an Amsterdam-based band formed in 1988 by guitarist/synth programmer Dirk DeVries, guitarist Aldo Sprenger, bassist/synth programmer Mark Drillich, and drummer Rob Smits. The band's music can best be described as avant-garde containing elements of heavy metal, electronica, and industrial. Furthermore, nearly all of Kong's music was instrumental with the only vocals being an eclectic blend of sampling.
Kong is a steel roller coaster located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.
Keywords:  swatting, biplanes, king, movie, slang
A one-handed block, named after King Kong's style of swatting biplanes in the original King Kong movie (slang).
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Set of four identical tiles.
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a good idea No
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Color, space, form, emptiness