Definitions for "ITO"
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Contact Lead ITO contact lead lets the inside transparent conductive layer of front glass connect filament voltage to prevent an ESP effect.
Indium Tin Oxide conductive coating that is significantly transparent in the visible spectral range. It is typically patterned by photolithography and lately by newly developed excimer technique for display applications.
Indium Tin Oxide, a thin film conductive material vacuum deposited on the surface of a film substrate. Material is often the base material for resistive touchscreens and luminescent lamps.
The International Trade Organisation. When the Bretton Woods Institutions [International Monetary Fund and the World Bank] were set up it was originally envisaged to have a third, the ITO, however US opposition led to the establishment of the GATT, which would have been similar to the ITO's founding charter except that it did not establish a permanent secretariat.
International Trade Organization
Industry Training Organisation. Organisation recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission to arrange the provision of industry training through tertiary institutions, private training establishments, and the workplace.
Information Technology Office
IT outsourcing, to the common notion not necessarily an IT process like IT operations, but also a software development project
Infor mation Technology Outsourcing
HP OpenView IT/Operations, formerly known as Operations Center. It is a software application that provides central operations and problem management for a multi-vendor distributed system.
Inbound Tour Operator. A company that organises travel for inbound tourists.
Independent tour operator.
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Cotton or Silk braid used to wrap the Tsuka over the Same.
silk or cotton hilt wrapping
Cord wrap, usually silk.
fine or thread, ito sukashi, ito bori, etc.
thread, yarn
thread (as in sewing or stitching).
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Internet Traffic Optimizer. A broader term for a person who optimizes not only for search engines but to get traffic from other sources such as blogs, RSS feeds and articles.
installation transportation office(r)
Installation Transportation Officer