Definitions for "Focus group"
is a small group of individuals brought together to discuss a specified topic. Successful focus groups are facilitated by a neutral party with a separate note taker.
A form of market research in which organisations spend an intensive session with a small group of their existing or potential customers. Focus groups may take several hours, and may involve a long journey to attend. Always make sure you are adequately compensated when attending such a discussion, and bear in mind that this is an opportunity for you to tell the organisation how they can improve.
A group of people who have shared an experience (for example, who have all taken the same medication or who have all been sexually harassed) and who are asked about that experience.
a gathering of marketing firms and consumers
a means of gathering information that gives perspective to statistical data
an exceptional environment for soliciting honesty and gathering information instrumental in modifying your plan
a casual round-table talk lead by a professional arbiter
a common technique for finding out about public attitudes and to refine marketing strategies
a first-rate method to gauge the reaction of customers to the various strategies implemented by one's company against its competitors
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a powerful tool for a organization's decision making process
a tool--in the right hands, it can be your greatest ally
a great way to find out how on target (or off base) your product and market positioning is
an outstanding tool for validating that your site is in alignment with your target audiences needs
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a small room of typical voters on whom alternative positions are tried out
Committed stakeholders working together to develop specific plans or outcomes; generally smaller than an action team, perhaps meeting only once.
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a fact-finding mission," he said
a representative sample of customers who would use the product or service
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a face-to-face
a collection of users your project will affect
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