Definitions for "Niche market"
A marketing program directed at a particular group of prospects who fit defined characteristics and are seen as neglected by competitors. A niche is selected and described through market segmentation. It is a step beyond selecting target markets, because the search is for prospects that are in an overlooked niche.
a gap in a market that is currently not being provided for by existing businesses in the industry.
An easily identifiable market that can be targeted for direct promotion, i.e. golfers, model plane hobbyists, collectors, etc.
a group of individuals with available money who share a common interest, problem, enthusiasm, need or mania and who can be easily found online
a group of people that have a need for a certain product that is not popular amongst the majority of consumers but whose demand warrants a continuous, substantial supply of the said particular product
a group of people that share a common problem, are willing to invest to have that problem solved, and are already talking to each other about it
Tailoring subject material to a specific area of demand or particular interest, such as topical and regional books.
The community that supports your content, product or service.