Definitions for "Debriefing"
a formal meeting between Government personnel and an offeror (usually the unsuccessful offeror) for a particular procurement to explain the rationale for the contract award decision
A post-competition meeting in which the observers submit a report on the competitors' results to a panel of judges.
a meeting after a search or after a team has been called in, in which all information found is disclosed and where suggestions can be made for the future.
the procedure whereby the purpose of the study and exactly what transpired is explained to participants at the end of an experiment
Giving subjects previously undisclosed information about the research project following completion of their participation in the research. (Note that this usage, which occurs within the behavioral sciences, departs from the standard English, in which debriefing is obtaining rather than imparting information.)
a session set up after completion of a psychological study, which explains the exact nature of that study to the subject, where this has not been possible at its commencement and where any use of deception during the experiment is revealed to them.
About once a day, the group of teens discusses how the trip is going. This exercise — somewhat structured in format - is critical to keeping communications open. It also provides a comfortable environment to share thoughts, concerns, and feelings with others. Instructors have many ways to facilitate these debriefings, and some groups even devise creative names such as "snarfels" to describe this beneficial activity.
After an intense roleplaying session, it is advisable for players and GM to discuss the in-game events out-of-character, to gain emotional distance from their characters and resolve any lingering issues. If done formally, this is often referred to as the post-game debrief.
a group meeting or discussion about a distressing critical incident
At the conclusion of a Mission, each players stats are displayed, along with Supply and Command points earned, any captured VTs and any Optional Parts earned. Pilots have the opportunity to trade items with each other or save the Replay data from the mission.
a planned interaction after every user test in which the user is allowed to ask and receive answer to questions about the system, tasks, or goals of the study
report of a mission or task
a psycho-educational process designed to alleviate the impact of the event