Definitions for "Consensus"
Agreement; accord; consent.
An agreement on a specific issue can be adopted by consensus rather than by vote when there are no stated objections from delegations.
a ‘general agreement' meaning that all those involved support the final decision. Also see Consensus Briefing.
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a little trickier
a short piece by Paul Ekins about unsustainability
An automated fusion method that returns the average valued answer with greater weight given to emphatic answers, where the answers are interpreted along a spectrum from low (green) to high (red).
An attitude towards uncertainty that requires a single value or a restricted range of values to represent a larger range of estimates. A consensus can be achieved through negotiation or through aggregation or weighted aggregation. The opposite of consensus is inclusion.
The forecast for a given company, taken in aggregate, for all analysts who follow that company.
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The census does not require a consensus, since they are not related.
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When the leader can't decide how to handle a problem.
the extent to which, in a given situation, other people behave in the same way as the person being observed. 595