Definitions for "audit "
An examination and verification of a companys financial and accounting records...
An examination in general; a judicial examination.
The result of such an examination, or an account as adjusted by auditors; final account.
To take a course under a written arrangement with the faculty member and student in which the final grade is AU. Generally involves regular attendance and participation, but limits graded activities, such as exams; requires full payment of tuition and fees; paperwork must be returned to the Registrar's office no later than the fourth week of the first day of classes.
To attend a course regularly without participating in course work and without receiving credit.
Students who audit a class attend class meetings but do not receive credit or a grade for the course.
lcohol se isorders dentification est, a ten item validated questionnaire that takes approximately 2–5 minutes to complete. See also screening tools
The audit program recursively searches through directories looking for files that may not be needed by checking permissions, names, sizes, types, ownership, links, and timestamps.
Digital command sent by the base station to check if the mobile is still in conversation mode. The mobile will respond if it sees the command. Used if the network employing DTX.
A regular check that is carried out to ensure that things are being done correctly
Every year student files undergo scrutiny. Your application is cross-referenced with Revenue Canada. If there are discrepancies your file will be reassessed and continuation of OSAP funding may be denied.
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A general receptacle or receiver.
Any town or network that receives more than $300,000 total in federal funds from all sources is required to have an audit that meets the requirements of federal OMB Circular A-133. (For more information, see:
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See scholastic audit.
(1) Analysis of a specific building's consumption and potential to conserve utility-supplied energy; (2)an energy inspection typically associated with utility RCS (Residential Conservation Service) audits, which were mandated by Congress for larger utilities to provide until July 31, 1990.
The process by which a person or persons go through a building and identify energy and/or cost savings that would result if certain energy conservation changes were made in the operation of a building or if modifications were made to the building.
checking accounts in a formal way to make sure they are correct I will audit your accounts when you present me with a complete set of figures. It was not the kind of organization that needed an audit because the small annual income never varied. audit (n)
Trail A formal map.
An evaluation of an area, activity, or process designed to identify potential sources of ESD. An audit can be either formal or informal, but the goal is to reduce the possibility of device damage by reducing or eliminating static charge buildup.
External audits consider the business and economic environment in which the company operates. These include the economic, political, fiscal, legal, social, cultural and technological factors usually referred to by the SLEPT acronym.
A means of collecting data relevant to the determination of taxability, situs, and value of property. R&T Code Section 469.
The process of determining energy consumption, by various techniques, of a building or facility.
In reference to freight bills, the term audit is used to determine the accuracy of freight bills.
Annual event where CPAs come in and officially point out mathematical errors in your spreadsheets.
An inventory and or status report describing and analyzing current conditions, causes, and influential factors.
an energy audit seeks energy inefficiencies and prescribes improvements.
A mine entrance that is horizontal or inclined.
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An audience; a hearing.
a procedure whereby a tax return is questioned by the IRS
The process by which procedures and/or documentation are measured against pre-agreed standards.
see quality audit
The process undertaken to measure the quality of products or services that have already been made or delivered
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Automated Clearing House (Ach)
Is any automated or manual processes employed to monitor the use of the computer facilities and its resources for security reasons only
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(noun) The result of the auditing activity.
A management tool used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a safety program and company operations which provides an accurate picture of the safety and health of an organization.
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
An objective comparison of actions to policies and plans.
A way of measuring how well something is working. See Environmental audit.
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back taxes basis
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Back office functions
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A set of security-related events that need to be audited.
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See Security Audit, Auditing