Definitions for "Error Log"
Keywords:  encountered, log, ptwin, sitescope, tsm
A diagnostic log of PTWin32 errors. Many errors will present the user with a dialog box that allows comment regarding activities prior to the error. These comments are incorporated into the Error Log.
Displays error messages caused by problems sending your e-mail.
The log which records all the errors encountered in a system.
A dataset or file that contains a record of machine checks on device errors, which are stored for later analysis.
A record of machine checks, device errors, and media statistics.
(1) A data set or file in a product or system where error information is stored for later access. (2) A form in a maintenance library that is used to record error information about a product or system. (3) A record of machine checks, device errors, and volume statistical data.
Keywords:  delimited, tab, batch, upload, warnings
A tab-delimited report containing information regarding any errors and warnings in a seller's batch upload.
A record that contains error information.
an alternative to complex error return values