Definitions for "Request For Proposals"
Method used by AAAs to seek competitive bids from persons/ groups wishing to provide services; specifies the conditions of the service provision.
See RFP.
The document used to solicit competitive proposals. The RFP is used to solicit proposals in situations where the Request for Bid (RFB) is not practical due to the complex nature of the service or commodity being purchased. For instance, certain types of services and technological solutions do not lend themselves to the RFB process. Related Information: Request for Bids (RFB)
The final stage in the selection process in which the department prepares a fully documented set of requirements that is issued to suppliers whose RFI responses were evaluated as being able to meet the requirements for the new system.
Outlines the general framework of a tender.
A document outlining a government agency's requirements and the criteria for the evaluation of offers.