Definitions for "Request for Information"
Keywords:  rfi, solicit, rfp, procurement, tender
formal inquiry in the market place for information, typically concerning "Expressions of Interest", capacity, capability and availability of contractor s to undertake and bid on work described in the solicitation. [D03237] RMW
an RFI or Letter of Interest (LOI) is not open for bidding. The buyer is interested in receiving feedback from suppliers and may re-open or re-issue an opportunity as an open tender at a later day. RFIs may include attached documents.
A form served on a business organization (e.g. bank, trade union or employer) to request details on a debtor's location, employment or finances. The Maintenance Enforcement Act and regulations require business organizations to provide the information within 15 days.
To be used when the purchaser cannot clearly identify product requirements/specification.
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a key buying signal