Definitions for "LOI"
Letter of instruction
Letter of Intent. A preliminary application that we ask groups to submit online to ensure the proposed project is eligible and fits with Affinity's guidelines and mission. We will review the LOIs and select projects to advance to the next phase of the grant selection process.
Letter of Indemnity. In submitting an LOI to correct a transaction, the dealer is assuming all responsibility for the correction of an error in the client's account. This includes any loss to the mutual fund (or investor's account) that may result from the correction. An LOI must contain words to the following effect: "We, XYZ Financial, hereby indemnify AGF from any and all losses, costs, or consequences that may arise as a result of this request". An LOI must come from a dealer's head office and be authorized by one of the firm's signing officers.
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Limiting oxygen index. Method of testing the flammability characteristics of a plastic by measuring the concentration of oxygen to maintain burning.
Loss on Ignition - the change in weight of a skein after heating the roving long enough to burn off the organic sizing. LOI includes moisture and solids.
Limiting Oxygen Index. Determines minimum oxygen content (%) in air that will sustain combustion of a material.
Loi is the word in Meitei language (Meiteilon) for the term "scheduled caste". The term "Loi" is given to the Meitei villages of Manipur in northeast India, who refused to adopt Hinduism when the newly converted Manipuri King ordered all his subject to adopt the religion.
Lord/Lady of Initiation, title used for the council member of a game chapter that deals with recruiting, application management, the voting process and new member orientation.
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An agreement between the client and fund in which the client is entitled to a lower sales charge if they purchase a specific dollar amount within a 13 month period. The additional shares the client receives by purchasing under an LOI are held in escrow until the LOI is completed or expires ( also see Linking).