Definitions for "procurement"
The act of procuring or obtaining; obtainment; attainment.
See Purchasing section
All activities concerned with the acquisition of goods and services, including ordering, negotiations and delivery.
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Procurement, it's trying focus on the procurement base on electronic technology, for making the process better(example : more fast as media information, deviding user access rule as their need/job to make their job easily if could
The term refers to the selection process supervised by the project’s sponsor. In this case, the submission of the SOQ to narrow the list of prospective bidders capable of completing the project and upholding the terms of the concession agreement.
GLA contract procedures, which are mandatory on officers and can delay the progress of a scrutiny where outside consultants are needed. Procurements at low value can be done more quickly, but any scrutiny likely to need a contract at £20,000 or more should be planned for accordingly and the procurement processes started as soon as possible to minimise delay.
To acquire or make available. That function responsible to buy or make available material or equipment.
The money a company spends on equipment, furniture and stationery that may be business-related—mining equipment—or that is not related to business function—pens, pencils, desks. Accenture is active in this space. See Accenture Procurement Solutions.
Efficient contrivance; management; agency.
A 'Building Procurement system' can be defined as 'the organisational structure adopted by a client for the management of the design and construction of a building project'.
The surgical procedure of taking an organ from a donor. Also referred to as procurement and recovery.
The removal of organs or tissues for transplantation.
The process of retrieving organs and/or tissue from a donor.
To get possession of or obtain by particular care and effort
Indicates the possession of bid opportunities.
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