Definitions for "Ris"
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RADIOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM. A system comprised of patient registration, film/chart tracking, scheduler, management reports, and other tools designed to increase the efficiency of radiology offices.
Rail Interface System. An accessory package originally designed by Knight's Armament for the M4 carbine, the RIS's versatility has led it to be adapted to several weapons platforms. The RIS consists of several accessory rails in place of a conventional foregrip; various accessories from grips to aiming devices can be mounted to the shooter's liking.
Radiology Information System. A computer system which stores the appointment information for a radiology department and may be linked to the HIS. A PACS may take exam booking information and demographics from the RIS to form worklists. See Hospital Information System (HIS) and Worklist.
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Regulation impact statement
Regulation Impact Statements
Regulatory Impact Statement Section 87B undertakings The Commission may accept written undertakings given by a person for the purpose of s87B of the TPA in connection with a matter in relation to which the Commission has power or function under the TPA (other than Part X). An example of such an undertaking by a trader is an undertaking not to engage in certain conduct which may be a breach of the TPA and to undertake to enter into a compliance program. These undertakings are enforceable in the Court
Reparto di Investigazione Scientifica
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(Rotational Isomeric State) Build representative polymer models by sequentially considering rotational isomers of next bond along backbone to add each monomer. Statistical weights fitted to experiment.
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French] sweetbreads.
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A bough or branch; a twig.
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Retroreflector in Space
Recoverable in-doubt structure. In DBCTL, an area constructed for each unit of recovery when a failure occurs.
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Rock Island Forebay Columbia 1995-present U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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Rate Increase Surcharge.
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Resource Implication Study
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Raster Image Set
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Real-time information server