Definitions for "Project Leader"
A Project Leader is a volunteer who is willing to assume the responsibility of helping 4-H members acquire knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits through the learning by doing activities that are inherent in a specific project. A volunteer in this leadership role channels the enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity of boys and girls towards new experiences. The project often plays the largest role in a member's 4-H work. Members are highly motivated because they take projects, which interest them. As they gain competence, 4-H members acquire the courage to tackle more difficult tasks. The Project Leader encourages young people to set goals that they can attain and measure. Like the Organization Leader position, the Project Leader position is not restricting geographically.
The technical expert role that drives the detailed implementation of a specific aspect of the project, and is directly responsible for all project deliverables. A large project may have multiple project leaders reporting to the same project manager.
a technical person, heading a project as defined by the Electoral Commission and responsible for the successful technical conclusion of the project within the given time frame
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Principal researcher on CRCAH research project
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a business person first