Definitions for "Project Management"
a disciplined approach to planning, organizing, directing, controlling and tracking the resources required to complete a project successfully.
The organization, direction, and coordination of tasks accomplished to fulfill a chosen facilities strategy. Involves preparing facility plans, as well as planning and managing projects, facilities programs, design services, construction projects, and relocation projects.
the function of applying resources to a defined goal and obtaining this goal within time and cost objectives. Project management is people management oriented, not clerical or administratively oriented. A Project Manager is sometimes called a "project leader," "team leader," "foreman," or "contractor."
Your primary creative professional may work with other vendors (printers, web hosts, photo labs, proofreaders, media duplicators, etc.) to complete your job. That ensures quality control of your project, and typically involves a nominal markup for outsourced services.
specialized spreadsheet that is optimized to track all of the people, tasks, and deadlines in a major project
a novel undertaking to create a new product or service the delivery of which signals completion
Ensuring a project delivers on its aims and objectives within a limited time scale and with a specific set of human, technical and financial resources in order to meet user and stakeholder expectations.
The process of supporting a project through several stages, including conceptualization, design, and implementation.
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a key cross-cutting issue for CPA
an increasingly popular business approach, which provides structure, focus, flexibility and control
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a science and an art
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an instrument of change