Definitions for "Signals"
The number and worded codes called by the quarterback in the huddle or at the line of scrimmage ahead of each play. Signals are also called by the defense, usually by a linebacker.
The quarterback tells the other players, with signals, what the next play will be. Signals are also used at the line of scrimmage to tell the center when to snap the ball.
The system that collusion cheaters use to secretly exchange information about their cards and instructions about betting and raising.
A Signal can be an individual condition or it can be a combination of Conditions, Bar Values, Study Operators, Mathematical Operators, and Boolean Operators.
Any form of clandestine tradecraft using a system of marks, signs, or codes for signaling between operatives.
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Signals is the ninth studio album by the Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1982 (see 1982 in music).
Stem cells genes are controlled by internal signals. Possible external signals include chemical secretions, physical contact with neighboring cells or molecules in the microenvironment.
an external antenna and a digital/HD receiver
The messages received by cells that control changes in the cell structure and function.
This refers to the signals used to calculate moving average studies. Market convention dictates that the closing price is used to calculate moving average lines. Tradermade however gives you the option to use the high, low, open and close as well as a typical or average close.
conventional plays made by the defenders to give each other information.
A signal is a message sent to your program by the operating system. When a signal is received by your program, it interrupts the normal flow of execution. If you don't have a signal handler function defined, default internal functions will be called. See Chapter 13, "Handling Errors and Signals," for more information.
Software interrupts used to communicate between processes. Specific signal numbers can be handled or blocked. Device drivers sometimes use signals to report events to user processes. Device drivers that can wait have to be sensitive to the possibility that a signal could arrive.
Communication between the boat and the barge.
Certain alarms or notices used to communicate intelligence to a distant object at sea.
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See codes or infrared.
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the section called “Introduction
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an abnormality