Definitions for "Clandestine"
Conducted with secrecy; withdrawn from public notice, usually for an evil purpose; kept secret; hidden; private; underhand; as, a clandestine marriage.
Something kept purposely from the view or knowledge of others either in violation of the law or to conduct or conceal some illegal purpose. A "clandestine marriage" would be one which does not comply with laws related to publicity.
Means: secret. When bosses should not know who is resisting against their measures, reducing the work rhythm or deciding to push through longer breaks, then it has to be organised in a clandestine way.
Keywords:  bodhr, conga, fiddle, houston, bagpipes
Clandestine is a Celtic music group from Houston, Texas. Featuring bagpipes, guitar, fiddle, and drums (bodhrán and conga drums), they play traditional Celtic music (both instrumental and vocal) as well as some modern tunes (including some originals) in a Celtic style. Some songs include additional instruments like the flute, bombarde and various whistles.
not recognized by the Grand Lodge of California