Definitions for "Deliverables"
Pay structure similar to milestones, usually based on completion of some portion of the job. [See Milestone.
Evidence provided by the grant recipient that agreed upon tasks are complete or have reached the appropriate milestone.
Project artifacts that push development of a product forwards. The measurable result or output of a process.
Tangible work products, such as documents, plans, or computer programs.
are outputs of a project's specific work activity. Note-Individual deliverables are not generally sold separately from their associated project during the life of the project. Deliverables consist of one or more of the following items: hardware, software, reports, training materials, peer-reviewed literature, and services.
Products of the study, such as reports, models, recommendations, software, or new/improved designs, to be delivered by the contractor. Deliverables are specified in the work statement.
A collective name for the services that the goods and/or supplier or contractor is required to supply under an agreement.
The contracted outcomes found on the Attachment Cover Sheet - Addendum on which the payment to the Provider is based.
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The content of an email message or sign up program web page. It includes items like, images, message copy, html code etc. Also referred to as Creative.
products and/or services being provided to client